At the YMCA of Southwest Michigan we offer cardio and weight rooms at both facilities.
Please see cardio and weight room best practices below:

  • There is a 30 minute time limit on all cardio equipment when the facility is busy
  • Please control weights/cable when returning to starting position
  • Please re-rack/put away weights when you are done
  • The YMCA is not equipped for powerlifting; chalk and powder are not permitted in the workout areas
  • For the health and safety of other, please wipe down all equipment after use
  • For courtesy and safety please limit cell phone use to lobby and hallway; music is allowed with headphones or earbuds
  • Water and sports drinks are allowed in sealed containers
  • For your safety, outside trainers are not permitted to train YMCA members or guests
  • Please no filming in the cardio & weight rooms
  • Respectful language and behavior is expected by all

Cardio & Weight Room Guidelines
The following guidelines should be honored at all times in the cardio and weight rooms at both YMCA of Southwest Michigan branches:

Age Requirements

Dress Code